Our Activity

The LRMI is a non-profit organization, representing openness and publicity, delivers regular reports about local authorities. All these activities are going to support public control of micro and meso tier. LRMI is independent of any political party’s influence.

LRMI is seeking to provide researches in following topics:

  1. Local-government system, local democracy and local services, the monitoring of self-governments
  2. Analysis of regional developments
  3. Developing indicators and indexes for the analysis of local and regional authorities. Setting up new aggregate indicators for international benchmarking.
  4. Regular publications, public surveys and comparable data at national and international level. (quarter year – one year audit)
  5. Organizing of conferences, workshops, expert forums and symposiums.

Indicators and measured fields

  • Local governance / social inclusion – exclusion

    1. Key figures (appearance) of local democracy
    2. The involvement of Civilness and NGO-s in the decision-making
    3. The opportunities of ethnic minorities, migrants. The integrity of civic society
  • Local services – local authorities

    1. The number of services
    2. The accessibility of services
    3. The quality of services
  • Local finance

    1. Stability of finance
    2. Incomes
    3. Priorities of local governments
  • Degree of citizen-satisfactory

    1. Demographic change
    2. Trust and satisfaction of citizens
    3. Public support of local policy-making
  • Condition of local economy, local resources

    1. Change of citizen’s income and employment
    2. Change of company’s competitiveness
    3. Change of services of local-government’s (accessibility, quality)

With upon mentioned indicators LRMI is going to create a complex aggregate index, which indicates regional development. Regional audit index makes it possible to compare the activity of local authorities and their efficacy.