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LRMI takes part of the new initiative, the "Network of local authorities' observatories on active inclusion" which aims to promote information and methodological exchange on poverty and social inclusion between local authorities. All organizations involved in the project (local authorities, academic institutions and NGO's like LRMI) are convinced their active participation, the international network of competence and their monitoring work and constatations will help local governments to better their work and those in poor or excluded conditions to get better chances in their every day life.

The network is managed by Vito Telesca from Provenza (CILAP EAPN Basilicata), Italy. The partners in the project came from Spain (Catalunya), France, Belgium and Portugal.

The LRMI is cooperating in the framework of this project with the Association of Hungarian Small Town (KÖOÉSZ). LRMI was involved in the project due to its commitment to better and more effective local service delivery. LRMI will organize this year an international conference (see its pre-announcement here) dedicated to this issue.

The projects is applying for the grant of the European Committee.

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"The immunities of townships, which have been obtained with so much difficulty, are least of all protected against the encroachments of the supreme power. They are unable to struggle, single-handed, against a strong and enterprising government, and they cannot defend themselves with success unless they are identified with the customs of the nation and supported by public opinion. Thus until the independence of townships is amalgamated with the manners of a people, it is easily destroyed; and it is only after a long existence in the laws that it can be thus amalgamated."
Alexis Tocqueville: De la démocracie en Amérique / Democracy in America